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    1. Learn what’s possible
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    4. Plan and monitor progress
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    • Environment

    • Reducing Our Emission
    • Reducing our emissions

      The Paris Agreement sets to substantially reduce global green house gas emissions to limit the global temperature increase in this century to 2 degrees Celsius, while pursuing efforts to limit the increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

      By monitoring Scope 1 Emissions from our vehicle fleet and Scope 2 Emissions from the use of gas and electricity, Hunters can expedite its vision of becoming a Net Zero company by 2030.

      Our small fleet of vehicles meets stringent Euro VI emissions standards. Our vehicles also run on AdBlue, an additive to remove poisonous gasses from diesel exhaust emissions.

      We haven’t stopped there. We also measure and monitor Scope 3 Emissions, generated by the transportation of goods from sales. We recently produced carbon data for our client for a project completed in 2019, in Malta.

    • We are passionate about repurposing furniture where we can, but if that is not appropriate, we can lean on our supply chain to do the right thing and responsibly recycle unwanted, or damaged furniture beyond repair.

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    • In April 2022, we diverted 3,233Kg of furniture away from landfill, saving 3,747Kg of CO2e

    • Our People

    • Equality and equal opportunities

      Gender equality and equal opportunities provide the foundations of the Hunters family. We are proud to have an almost 50 percent split between male and female staff.

      Our employees can expect equal pay, a fair salary and mitigations against modern slavery. Onboarding and team integration is vital during probationary periods. After successfully completing probation, new starters receive an invitation to join the company pension scheme.

    • Our People
    • We give members recruited from other industries the best possible start to their new career by enrolling them on a bespoke furniture industry fundamentals course.

    • Productivity uplifts such as lunch and learns and membership to the company’s Employee Access Programme (EAP) adds important layers to our wellbeing framework.

    • The EAP gives staff members access to a range of services, from coping with stress and anxiety to financial wellbeing and legal information.

    • Community

      It’s not all work and no play at Hunters. In 2022 we participated in several events to raise money for charity. Here are some of the highlights;

      • Up

        The company walked 3.2 million steps to raise money for Centrepoint charity, and specifically for homeless youths.

      • Up

        Seven members of our team took part in a gruelling cross-fit challenge, raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

      • Up

        Six volunteers ran in the Chase-the-Sun Queen Event, opting to run either 5K or 10K.

    • Governance

    • Reducing Our Emission
    • Supply Chain Management and Surveillance

      Due diligence is essential to good supply chain management. Our supply chain often starts with the raw materials across global forests. By working with FSC certified manufacturers, we mitigate the global risk of forest crime, estimated annually by INTERPOL at $150bn.

      Our ability to build and maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers helped us navigate through the COVID pandemic, industrial action by UK and European port authorities, and the war in Ukraine, a political situation affecting timber exports.

    • Ethics is an increasingly important aspect of supply chain management.

    • Hunters and our clients are invested in how companies manufacture their products, while protecting the environment and maintaining the wellbeing of the workforce.

      By diversifying our supply base, we can mitigate against supply chain disruptions. Understanding the hidden risks is just as important as diversification. For example, the supply chain associated with manufacturing of a task chair is wide and varied, from the sourcing of gas struts to ethically selected seating fabrics.

    • Tracking industry trends informs business decisions, and it allows us to provide reassurances to our clients. In 2021, global shipping giant Maersk avoided logistics chokepoints by redeploying its ships from less congested routes. Maersk’s forward thinking benefits our entire supply chain, whilst maintaining project momentum within our portfolio.

      Away from our core business, we must also understand our enabling supply chain, the businesses and people who help to maintain our premises and vehicles, whilst tracking volatile changes in energy and fuel costs.

    • Reducing Our Emission
    • One of the many adaptions businesses have had to make in the 21st century is a defensive posture in cyber space. The resources available to cyber criminals are vast, and Hunters has proudly invested in IT support and security, designed to meet the challenges of fending off nefarious activities from hostile actors.

      Recently, the National Cyber Security Centre reported the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) received 6.4 million reports during 2022, with 67,300 scam URLS removed. The NHS, HMRC, DVLA and Ofgem are among the top government branded organisations to be attacked, all of which support our company and staff in various ways.

    • Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s term “black swan” event relates to a random, highly probable event that has a huge global impact. Hunters successfully navigated its way through the 2008 Financial Crisis and the 2020 pandemic, and we are confident that we have the experience and resilience within our family to navigate through future challenges.

      Supply chains are vulnerable and George Alessandria, a Professor of Economics, believes supply chain shortages are at their worse since 1972. Rather than looking at things with a glass half empty mentality, we view the risks and challenges as an opportunity to engineer a solution for our clients.

    • Reducing Our Emission
    • Do you need help selecting, procuring or managing a sustainable furniture project? If you do then we could be the right partner to help you hunt down the right solution.

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